Understanding changes in market structures is the key for unlocking the potential in fast markets. OMEX can be a partner in helping you execute your strategies. Please download documents that interest you.

  • DARK POOLS AND CROSSING NETWORKS: Is the pool a true dark pool or orders information will be leaked to other potential providers?…Read more.
  • SMART ORDER ROUTING: Today’s Smart routers need to know not only how to connect to liquidity pools, but also understand pool structure and logic to understand how the pools attract orders, execute and /or route to other venues in search of liquidity…
    Read more.
  • LOW LATENCY: Colocation servers and hardware acceleration can reduce latency but the one thing that is most important for reducing latency is good application or software design…Read more.
  • HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING: “We should not set a speed limit to slow down everyone to
    the pace set by those unwilling or unable to compete."
    Arthur Levitt, former
    SEC chairman….Read more.    
  • TRADE COST ANAYLYSIS: The real-time TCA analyzes pre-trade and in-trade cost of potential execution and improves trader’s ability to monitor and adjust execution parameters for a single stock or list to help optimize trading strategy.…Read more.
  • BEST EXECUTION MANADATE: Brokers and dealers are obliged to obtain the best possible result of a trade for a client, taking into account not just price but costs, speed, likelihood of execution and settlement, size, and other considerations….Read more.


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