Via one single web-based platform, broker-neutral and FIX-compliant OMEX delivers the Industry’s most comprehensive and most cost efficient order execution management system for stocks, options and futures. We’ve done what other financial market technology vendors only aspire to: seamlessly integrating all of your firm’s mission-critical business processes in a manner that reduces your operating costs, provides complete transparency and enables you to benefit from real “straight-thru-processing.”

From complex pre-trade order staging to post-trade multi-custodian processing, OMEX order routing and trade execution tools are complemented by a full suite of risk management, back-office accounting and compliance-centric report generation modules. In the unlikely event that we haven’t already built-in the tools that you need today, we’re the most cost-sensitive customization experts that you’ll ever do business with; for today and tomorrow.

  Direct Market Access + Smart Order Routing
  Major Exchanges, Dark Pools & ECNs
  Basket Trading / Multi-Leg Option Spreads
  Access to all major algorithms
  Real-time market data and Analytics

  Multi-Custodian Trade Allocation
  Commission Management , CSA & Trade Cost Analysis
  Risk Management
  Internal Accounting & Compliance Reporting
  24/6 Live T-Desk Support

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